Investigations on Baker Street

The Adventure of the Empty Warehouse

The investigators first case

The Adventure of the Empty Warehouse in which Sir Bartholomew Alexander Kensington III and Meredith Cunningham are retained by Inspector G. Lestrade of Scotland Yard to help solve a most perplexing murder.

After a delicious breakfast at 221B Baker Street, served by Mrs. Hudson. Meredith Cunningham and her uncle, Sir Bartholomew Alexander Kensington III, meet Inspector G. Lestrade who relays the following information:

Last night a Mr. Adair was found murdered in his second floor study. The peculiar part of this heinous crime was that the door was locked from the inside and the window was shut. He had been shot in the head and there was still 210 pounds neatly stacked on the desk. There was no gun found, so suicide was out of the question.

After arriving at the scene and searching for clues, the investigators had several leads to follow up on.

  1. The window was loose and could’ve slammed shut after murder had occurred.
  2. A journal entry about an engagement break-off with Edith Woodley. An angry rejected lover?
  3. The shooter had to of shot through the, at the time, open window.
  4. A note mentioning 420 pounds to be returned to Godfrey Miliner and Lord Balmoral indicated that half of the money was missing. Perhaps he was waiting on the other half.

After searching the study and examining the rooftop across the street, the investigators met with the grieving family in the first floor parlor. Adair’s mother, Lady Maynooth, and sister, Hilda fought through their grief to answer the consultants questions. It was at this time they learned of a Colonel Sebastian Moran, and he became their prime suspect.

As they left the home, Sir Kensington noticed a beggar paying particular interest to themselves. Leaving Meredith with his man servant Hakim in the growler to move a short ways down the street, the world adventurer moved across the street in an attempt to catch the beggar unawares. After a short confrontation the beggar moved off and without any back-up, Sir Kensington, allowed the man to leave, sure that he was spying on them and would be reporting their movements. They would be wary as they continued their investigation.

Their next stop took them to the Bagatelle card club to interview Lord Balmoral and Miliner. From here they were able to rule out Miss Woodley as a suspect and learned that Moran was a well known marksman. He had partnered with Adair of recent at cards and the two had won a great deal of money together. Adair was supposed to meet with the 2 gentleman the day after his murder to discuss something concerning the Colonel. The investigators also learned of a warehouse by Crown Roof that might be a location where they could find the man who was now their main suspect, Colonel Sebastian Moran. It was assumed that Adair had found out that his new partner at cards was cheating and was demanding that he return the money and for this he was killed.

Upon arriving at the warehouse the pair take up surveillance and soon witness the beggar from earlier leaving. Short chase in the growler later they apprehended the beggar and learned that Moran and a local tough were the only 2 in the warehouse and that the murderer was preparing to leave the country.

Turning the beggar over to a local Bobby, who was also going to get back-up, the sleuthing uncle and niece entered the warehouse and immediately engaged the hired nobbler. The nobbler, wounded by a shot from the young lady dropped his club and headed for the door. That was when a shot rang out from above the melee on the 2nd floor of the building striking the running hooligan square in the back, killing him.

Sir Bartholomew Alexander Kensington III seizing the moment ran to and up a ladder to the second floor to confront the murderous Moran, at the same time Meredith fired her weapon in the general vicinity of the scoundrel, keeping him pinned down.

When confronted by the imposing, mustachioed gentleman adventurer now holding his drawn cane sword and leveling his revolver at the criminals chest and seeing the pistol packing young woman between him and any hope of retreat, Colonel Sebastian Moran dropped his air rifle and surrendered on the spot.

Shortly after this the Bobby arrived with reinforcements and the former right hand man of Professor Moriarty was taken into custody!

Early the next morning, Inspector G. Lestrade, stopped by the second floor residence of his missing friend now presumed dead, Sherlock Holmes, and thanked the new sleuths and eyed them with a new found respect. He was sure that Scotland Yard and London, while missing the help of the world’s greatest consulting detective, would be in good hands in the days and years to come.

Here ends The Adventure of the Empty Warehouse.

Read below for any comments and/or insights from the sleuths themselves.


A note from Uncle Bart:

“Well now, that was a bit exhilarating! Got my blood up, that did! Reminds me of a time in the Congo when that native fellow thought he could abscond with the porters payroll… Ended about as well for that foolish bloke as it did this Colonel Moran fellow. This sleuthing thing is quite easy, it is. I didn’t even have to fire a shot!”

“I’ve been growing quite bored lately, this may be just the sort of jolly good old excitement these old bones need! Bring on the villains, Bartholomew Alexander Kensington the Third is ready for action!”


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