Billy the Page Boy

Errand boy, known for wisdom and tact in social situations


Area Knowledge: 3

  • Baker Street
    Commerce: 3
  • Page Boy
    Dodge and Defense: 3
    Endurance: 4
    Fight: 3
    Observation: 3
    Perception: 3
    Science: 3

Status: 2 dice and 3 circles

Personal: Wise and Tactful
Personal: Dutiful
Profession: Keen and Attentive
Profession: Does the Best Job Possible
Negative: Known Employee of Sherlock Holmes


Billy was hired by Mrs. Hudson for a variety of tasks around Baker Street. When not running errands for Mrs. Hudson he introduces visitors to Holmes and Watson or delivers telegrams and notes.

He is not a detective. He is much more suited for running errands to the store for tobacco than he is for spying on people.

Shopping, sending telegrams, whatever small tasks need to be done, you can count on Billy.

Billy the Page Boy

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