Shinwell "Porky" Johnson

Big bruiser, former criminal, sometimes assisted Sherlock


Criminal Artistry: 4

  • Burglary
    Dodge & Defense: 5
    Fight: 6
  • Brawling
    Endurance: 6
    Observation: 4
    Perception: 3
    Reason: 3
    Street Smarts: 5
  • Petty Criminal
  • Professional Crime
    Strength: 6
    Weapon: 3
  • Knife

Status: 2 circles

Personal: Huge Red Faced, Scorbutic Man
Personal: Seen a fight or two
Professional: Hired Muscle
Professional: Holmes’ Criminal Underground Agent
Negative: Former Dangerous Villain
Negative: Two terms at Parkhurst Prison


Aided Sherlock in cases requiring physical backup. Connected with the criminal underground of London.

Trying to changes his criminal ways, but in a world of Victorian society, doors remain shut to him everywhere. He is a man that needs a second chance.

Shinwell "Porky" Johnson

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