Investigations on Baker Street

The Case of the Missing Artifact

Archaeology is not a pursuit for proper ladies

Miss Elizabeth White has recently contacted Dr. Watson about a missing item that she needs to recover. Because the item was only in her care, not her own possession, she would rather not involve the police in this matter. She has heard good things about Miss Meredith Cunningham and her companions and has scheduled a meeting at 221B Baker St. for 9am to discuss her lost item.

Miss Cunningham and Sir Kensington met with Miss White after enjoying a nice breakfast together that had been prepared by Mrs. Hudson.

Miss White appeared quite anxious and could not remain seated as she told the investigators of her problem.

The problem, that an artifact from a dig in Egypt which had been entrusted to her to deliver to the London Museum was missing, seemed to be just the type of case the investigators would excel at.

Apparently taken from her own bed chamber, both Miss Cunningham and her uncle agreed that would be where their investigation would begin.

Arriving, after tea time, to the White Estate they were shown to Elizabeth’s room. Of the many clues they found, chief amongst them was evidence of a man in Miss White’s who may have left through the window.

Also found was a white horse hair, which was later revealed not to belong to any any horse the young woman would have rode.

Both investigator’s interviewed the available staff, who consisted of:

The investigator’s found that a young man with curly red hair, who Elizabeth, based on the description from Esther, identified as Richard Loftwood. Loftwood had at one time, several years earlier, pursued a relationship with Elizabeth, but was turned down.

The interview with Mrs. Mary White led the pair to conclude that she my be in a hidden relationship with young Loftwood and Sir Bart came just short of an accusation trying to gauge the elder White’s reaction. He could tell she was concealing something and assumed this relationship was it, but was not completely sure.

Elizabeth, stated that Richard may be at a riding club located near the Loftwood residence.

The intrepid sleuths went to the riding club and found the young man there. After confronting him with the evidence he admitted that Elizabeth’s mother had put him up to the theft. No, they were not having an affair, but Elizabeth’s mother wanted to discredit Elizabeth with her father and the other archaeologists hoping that would force her to remain at home and find a man. Perhaps himself, Richard had surmised.

He begged to allow it be “he” that “found” and return the artifact thereby enduring himself to the attractive young lady. Sir Bartholomew Alexander Kensington III was having none of it and demanded the rapscallion to take them to the artifact and they would leave it to Miss White on whether or not the authorities would be involved.

Loftwood agreed to take them to his residence to fetch the artifact, however on the way, he ran into an alley and attacked the pair. It was a short scuffle with both Meredith and her Bart showing they were made of sterner stuff than he. Loftwood relented and the artifact was retrieved and returned to a very grateful Miss Elizabeth White. She let young Richard off with a warning to never trouble her again and turning not waiting fora reply yelled out for her mother walking towards Mary White’s chambers. The last thing the investigators heard they retreated from the White residence was “Mother! How could you!”

All in all a job well done.


Not only did the upstanding young lady lose her artifact, she also apparently lost the summary of her case! Young ones today, it’s a wonder they don’t all lose their minds!

The Case of the Missing Artifact

Ahhh…… to have someone so enamored with you that he would commit a crime to hopefully win your heart.
Hmmmmm, perhaps a little pitiful and pathetic. Poor Miss White, she could do worse. But, oh my dear, you could do so much better. Women today need to realize, the days of being the doting wallflower are over. Women are just as bright and intelligent as our male counterparts. We don’t need to settle for whatever crumb smiles and tips their hat our way and then expects us to swoon! Stand up women of London! Be brave and strong and live your life YOUR WAY!!
Congratulations Miss White! YOU, have figured it out! I applaud you!!

The Case of the Missing Artifact

Good lord, when women get to scheming, everything goes bad. I could have sworn old lady White was involved with that young lad, you know a woman’s mind wanders when the husband stops paying attention. They just can’t stay focused.

And what was that young woman thinking trying to take part in archaeology? Doesn’t she know a woman’s place? These women today want everything. Next thing you know they will want to vote. What a disaster that would be!

The Case of the Missing Artifact

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