Investigations on Baker Street

The Adventure of the Mummy's Curse part-1

Inspired by The Hound of the Baskervilles

The detectives are asked by Dr. Watson to look into the death of Sir Maxton Gotshalk of Boscadwith Manor near the village of Cottel.

After reviewing the request for assistance sent by the good doctor by way of the Baker Street Irregular, young Kilby. The pair of investigators hurriedly made ready to depart to the train station for the overnight trip to Cornwall.

At the station they were met by“Porky” Johnson who provided two tickets and a messenger bag containing a letter from Doctor Markeley.

With nothing else to do during their trip, Meredith read the long, detailed missive to her uncle, who listened intently. After gathering some clues and questions from the letter the amateur detectives settled in for the trip and attempted to get what sleep they could.

They arrived in Cottel the next morning and were met by Dr. Markeley and Constable Jory Oates. Sir Kensington, quickly sized up the village constable and feared a repeat of the ineptness of the law enforcement official met previously during the case A Day in the Country.

The detectives were shown to the two local residences that, thanks to the doctor, would be their homes for the duration of their stay.

After a quick meal and freshening up, Sir Kensington, took a walk around the village to get the lay of the land. Afterwards he met up with his niece and together they went to Dr. Markeley’s house. Inside they found that the constable was also present. After being seated and served tea the two detectives began questioning the doctor and constable about the death of Sir Maxton Gotshalk. They learned quite a bit and had developed several leads they wanted to follow up on.

Things took an almost irreparable turn for the worse when Meredith’s uncle Bart flat out accused the constable of being at the very least inept if not outright in collusion with those responsible for this most heinous crime.

Luckily the cooler heads of Miss Cunningham and the doctor prevailed and reputations, for the time being, were maintained and egos, for the most part, were assuaged.

The intrepid duo split up and gathered what information they could from the fine folk of the village.

The next day, thanks to a carriage provided by Doctor Markeley, the investigator’s made their way to Boscadwith Manor. When they arrive they are met by the footman, Forrest Rickard, who thanks to a Letter of Introduction from Dr. Markeley admits them into the manor.



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